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Ofsted registered childminder. Kentford, Newmarket.

Fee Policy

 This policy outlines all of my fees, as a registered childminder I love caring for children and supporting their development. However, it is my chosen career and business. Like you I too have bills and expenses to meet each month, and therefore require a regular income. I would be grateful if you could ensure that you are prompt in paying your monthly invoice.

Hourly Rate

Monday - Friday (Between 7.30am and 6pm): £4.50 per hour (contracts)

£4.50 per hour (ad hoc)

Overtime Hours Rate (by special arrangement only)

Before 7.30am or after 6pm/Bank Holidays: £5.50 per hour

Before and After School Rate

Prices are agreed on an individual basis depending upon hours required and location of school.

Early Drop Off / Late Collection

Fee charged for early drop off / late collection without prior agreement:

£5.00 per every 15 minutes

I strictly adhere to these fees so please do not arrive outside of your contracted times. If your child is dropped off later than, or collected earlier than, the contracted time, the full fee still applies. Late drop off does not constitute late collection. Continual lateness will be viewed as a child protection issue.


Parents are expected to pay half their normal fees (contracted hours) during their holidays in order to keep the space open for their child, this does not apply to parent’s requiring term time only hours in this instance full fees (contracted hours) are charged during the school holidays, as detailed below. For school aged children part of your contract will detail the days/hours required in the school holidays, if you take holiday in this time half fees apply to these hours/days as stated on the contract. Half the normal fees (contracted hours) are also payable when I take my holidays including Bank Holidays as detailed above. I will take 4 weeks per year as annual leave plus Bank holidays and my holiday year runs from 1st January to 31st December. I will advise parents of holiday dates as soon as possible, but always with a minimum of 1 month notice. Typically these will be taken as follows; 1 week at Christmas, 1 week May half term and 2 weeks during the summer holidays.


Child/Parent sickness: Full fee

Childminder sickness: No charge


I do not charge a registration fee however any subsequent changes to contracts will incur a £5 administration charge to cover the cost for additional paperwork. The contracts I offer are:

• Annual contracts – which run from 1st January until 31st December and are renewed each year as required. Fees are calculated for the full term of the contract (excluding half annual leave and bank holidays) then divided by 12 to give a standard monthly payment. This does not apply to school aged children whose hours will vary during school holidays. Fees are to be paid monthly in advance.

• Short term contracts – for those who only require childcare for a specified length of time only. Fees are calculated for the full term of the contract (excluding any annual leave and bank holidays) then divided by the number of months in the contract to give a standard monthly payment. Fees are to be paid monthly in advance. Short term contracts are for whole months only.

In the case of parents requiring collection from pre-school or am/pm sessions a full days fees will be charged as the child will take up an under 5’s full time place.

Ad hoc Bookings

I am happy to provide ad hoc childcare and request that a booking form be completed before a place can be reserved. Once the booking form has been completed, parents agree to pay for the childcare booked in advance as stated on the invoice. Full payment will be expected even if the booking consequently changes as the place has been reserved for your child and other work has therefore been refused.

Please note that ad hoc bookings are subject to my maximum numbers and a place cannot therefore be guaranteed. If a guaranteed place is expected then a contract should be agreed in advance.

Deposit - A deposit fee is not required for ad hoc bookings as parents are required to pay in full in advance instead.

For both annual and short term contracts, the deposit fee is £50.00. The deposit is then offset against the final fee invoice, providing any necessary notice periods have been correctly given.

Please note that deposits are not refunded if parents decide they do not wish to take up the place as agreed, i.e. if the agreement is cancelled before the contract start date.


If a space is available that parents wish to reserve for a future date, a retainer fee is required to keep the place open. This is because other parents/children would need to be refused in order to keep the place open. The amount payable is half the usual fees, which will not be refunded if parents decide not to take up the place as agreed.

The reserved place is available for use during the retainer period, provided sufficient notice has been provided and the appropriate fee has been paid i.e. full fees for time booked, and half fees for the remainder of the retainer period.


Shift Work Cover

It is recommended that parents who undertake shift work take advantage of my ad hoc booking service, however if parents require a guaranteed place for their child, a number of hours will be reserved for their child each day based upon their work pattern – usually the earliest and latest times that childcare is required. I will also agree a minimum number of hours – your core hours – that will be payable at full rate in advance. Hours that are reserved for you that you do not use will be charged at half rate – these are also payable in advance. If you use more than your minimum hours during the course of a month then this will be added onto your next invoice.

Late Payment

Failure to ensure cleared payment is received by the due date stated on the invoice will incur a daily late payment fee of £5.00 and a notice of contract termination may be served unless a special arrangement has been agreed. Contract termination will only be withdrawn once payment has been made in full and I reserve the right to refuse admittance of a child if fees are outstanding. Please bear in mind that I am running a small business and have my own bills to pay at regular times, therefore please discuss any issues with me at the earliest opportunity.

If you have had a change in personal circumstances and are now struggling to make payments, please let me know so we can make suitable arrangements. It may be that you are now entitled to additional funding through the Childcare element of the Working Tax Credit and other benefits.

Terms and Conditions

• Fees include:

-          healthy snacks

-          lunch and dinner

-          drinks

-          play materials

-          free toddler groups and excursions

-          wipes and sudocrem

-          public liability insurance


• Day trips, such as visits to a play centre or the zoo etc, are not included in the fee and may incur an additional charge – this will always be discussed with you in advance.

• All fees are to be paid monthly in advance. There is no refund for child/parent absence; all contracted hours must be paid for in full, regardless of attendance. Invoices will be raised in advance with cleared payment expected by the last Friday of each month.

• The invoice will detail the contracted days/hours, any additional hours of care since the previous invoice and will show all applicable fee rates together with a total monthly amount. Extra hours worked over and above the contractual agreement, late payment fees and any other additional charges incurred during the preceding period will be added to the next invoice. Likewise if I have been unable to care for the child during the contracted hours due to sickness, this will be deducted from the next invoice. Contracted bookings are expected to make the standard monthly payment as calculated at the beginning of the contract, with any remaining balance to be settled at the end of the annual contract. Ad hoc bookings are expected to settle their balance in full on a monthly basis.

• Payments can be made in cash, by bank transfer or by cheque, as long as payments are cleared prior to the due date. I am also happy to accept childcare vouchers, please discuss this with me fully beforehand so that I can register accordingly. Childcare vouchers paid by BACS usually take 3 working days to clear in my account – it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that I receive childcare voucher payments by the due date shown on the invoice.

• Although I am happy to care for a child whose parents are in receipt of the childcare element of the tax credits, I regret that I cannot accept payment from the tax credits directly. Payment of fees remains the parent’s responsibility, with the tax credits reimbursing them in due course.

• Unfortunately, I am not currently able to offer term time only contracts therefore your child’s usual contracted full fees are applicable during school holidays, regardless of attendance. If parents wish to extend the hours of care during school holidays, they must discuss this with me in advance.

• Parents are required to give one full calendar month’s written notice, on the date that their fees are due, if their child is to leave my setting, in order to give me a reasonable amount of time to advertise and fill their place. Full payment of fees will be due for this period, which is usually offset with the initial deposit paid.

• Fees are reviewed on an annual basis and are subject to change. Should fees be changed the new fees will come into effect from 1st January each year.

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